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Classfication ,features and application of PVC sheets

2015-06-26 15:32  PV:3035  Go Back

PVC is a common polymer, which is the abbreviation of Polyvinyl chloride. PVC polymer can be made into pipe, sheet, profile and other plastic products. Now, let's introduce the classfication and features of PVC sheets.

There are two kinds of PVC sheet: PVC Foam Sheet and PVC Rigid sheet, which are produced by different producing processes.

PVC foam sheet can be divided into: 
PVC celuka foam sheet ( KS-C PVC Sheet ), 
PVC Free Foam Sheet ( KS-F PVC Sheet ),
PVC co-extruded foam sheet ( KS-Co PVC Sheet )

PVC rigid sheet includes:
PVC colored rigid sheet ( KS-RC PVC sheet )
PVC transparent rigid sheet ( KS-RT PVC sheet )

( As a professional manufacturer and supplier of plastic sheet machine, we can make all kinds of pvc sheet production line to produce all of the PVC sheets mentioned above. )


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