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Maintenance of the equipment

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 Maintenance of the equipment

A. Maintenance of equipment.

(1) Keep the equipment clean.

(2) Do not use hard tools during machine maintenance.

B. Lubrication and rust protection of the equipment

(1) All transmission components and rotating connection points on the equipment shall be kept lubricated.Please be sure to refuel regularly, usually two to three months once in the refueling work.To extend the service life of each drive part.

(2) Refueling site and method (see Table II)

Table II
Refueling list of important parts
Refueling parts
Use condition
Oil brand number
Refueling cycle
Chain bearing
Low speed, heavy load
Lithium-molybdenum disulfide-based grease 2
MOLYKOTE Longterm 2
Two months
Low speed, heavy load
HIMIN G05                           NSK AS02                             THK AFB-LF                         Mobil XHP222
Two months
linear guide rail
Low speed, heavy load
Two months
Transmission motor gear box
Low speed, heavy load
Gear lubricating oil, ISO VG 220
Six months
The straight rail is automatically refueling
Medium speed, light load
Lubricant oil is 32-68 cst ISO VG32-68 DIN51519
1 Week
transmission shaft
Low speed, heavy load
Two months

C. Inspection cycle of the equipment

(1) The horizontal state of the machine is performed semi-annually.

(2) All bearings on the rolling conveyor chain must be checked once a month whether they can be turned. If there is stuck, they must be replaced immediately so as not to pull the rail and cause greater losses.

(3) Tightness of the feeding chain shall be checked once in two to three months.

(4) The tightness of the material delivery chain shall be checked once in two to three months.

(5) Carefully check the operation of the belt every two to three months. If it is damaged, please replace it immediately.

(6) Determine that the dusty rubber wheel on the transmission chain is intact and replaced every one month.



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