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Automatic Production Line Use For Flooring

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Production flow:Forklift---Automatic hydraulic lift platform---vacuum sucking--- Location roller conveyor---Transverse three multi rip saw---steering roller conveyor---Longitudinal multi rip saw---Roller conveyor---Steering belt conveyor---Belt separator with slope---Turn over machine---storage board belt conveyor---Location belt conveyor---Longitudinal DET---Transitional belt conveyor---Transverse DET---Turn over machine---Automatic transition conveyor---Longitudinal dust extraction feeding machine--- Transitional belt conveyor---Longitudinal wax machine---Transverse wax machine---Transitional belt conveyor---Automatic palletizing machine ---Belt conveyor --- Carton making machine---Belt conveyor---Catron rollover machine---Sealing and cutting machine---Roller conveyor---Thermal shrinking---Cooling roller conveyor---Aligned roller conveyor---Automatic stacking system--- roller way---Traveling platform---Pallet wrapping machine---Forklift.


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