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Laminate Flooring DET Production Line

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New type laminate flooring double end tenoner production line Hotjin FPR,the whole line adopts automatic operation , the main machine is track-through type with highly intensive U-shaped guide rail, which ensures the oprational linearity and the synchronicity of double rails.

This automatic production line is mainly applicable to the continuous production of floor. It can work together with the front of automatic loading and unloading system and the back of automatic packing line,advanced design, simple structure ,easy operation,intensive automation and reliable performance.

There are 4+4 stations and 5+5 stations production lines,each cutter shaft can be rotated to different angles freely, It is applicable to process groove of all kinds of plates.

4+4 Economical production line(60m/min)
Major parameters:Longitudinal feeding speed:30/60m/min;Process width:90-200mm; Total power:100KW.
Commendatory equipment model:LT01-8D,DTX15-8D.

5+5 Standard production line(80m/min)
Major parameters:Logitudinal feeding speed:40-80m/min: Process width:90-200(single chain),120-600mm(double chain):Total power:130KW;
Commendatory equipment model 1:LT(K)01-10D,DTS15-10D.
Commendatory equipment model 2:DTLS06-10D,DTS15-10D;

5+5 High speed production line(100m/min)
Major parameters:Longitudinal feeding speed:40-100m/min;Process width:120-600mm; Total power:175KW;
Commendatory equipment model:DTEK06-10D,DTEHK15-10D.


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