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Transverse Double End Tenoner(DET)

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Transverse series is mainly used in the forming processing of plate's short side, our company transverse double end tenoner have DTX and DTS series,they are light-duty double end tenoner machine, they have high efficiency and strongpracticablility, it,s an economical model machine suitable for the medium and small-sized enterprises,This model machine has been enthusiastically welcomed and favored by the customers immediately since it was firstly released; Main model; DTX15-8D,DTS15-10D,DTS25-12D and so on.

DTEH series is a heavy-duty double end tenoner, it adopts the whole frame structure, upper pressing belt use active, stable performance and reliable quality, this machine process capability is greatly improved.

 Technical parameters

 DTX series

 DTS series

 DTEH series





 Workpiece width(mm)


Workpiece length(mm)


 Working thickness(mm)


Feeding motor power(kw)



 Max.Feeding speed(m/min)



 Max.insert height

 5/7/12/(17)(Feeding speed adjustable to cutter volume)

 Working table height(mm)


 The 1ststation power(kw)




 The 2st station power(kw)




 The 3st station power(kw)




 The 4st station power(kw)




 The 5st station power(kw)




 The 6st station power(kw)




 Blow dust motor power(kw)




Adjust width motor power(kw)


Cutter diameter(mm)


 Spindle diameter(mm)


 Rotate speed of cutter shaft(rpm)


Dust hood dia(mm)


Total power(kw)




Gross weight of equipment(kg)





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