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Welcome to Suzhou Hotjin Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. We are a manufacturer specialized in wood working machines. Tel: 86-512-66520585

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SuZhou HotJin Precision Machinery Co.,LTD. Is an enterprise mainly engaged in the production and sales of woodworking machinery,building materials machinery and relevant products.
Hotjin,equipped with laminate floor production line and bamboowood,solid wood parquet floor production line and many years' production experience,plus its advanced technology as well as exclusive design techniques,has gained well elevation in the same industry.
In recent years,it has gained wide application in the PVC flooring,LVT flooring,gypsum board,fibre cement board and the other boards processing.

The company guideline is ------ We are a link of your excellent products

We're doing our best to be a satisfactory link in your production of outstanding products
Our consistent belief:quality,service and creditworthiness.



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